Monday, June 29, 2009


My Black is Beautiful.

Well, last night's BET Awards were er um ah... interesting to say the least. I commend BET for rearranging things a bit to honor the late and great Michael Jackson. However, there were quite a few "mishaps" and "wtf" moments that had me shaking my head throughout the whole show.


Some of the pre-show performers were worthy of the main stage. In case you missed it, the roster included Pleasure P, Letoya Luckett, Jeremih, Day 26, Hurricane Chris, Dorrough and The New Boyz (you're a jerk jerk jerk)!

Great intro!!---New Edition hit the stage for a reunion paying homage to the Jackson 5 with a medley of their hits and Bobby Brown managed to keep up (despite his new plump figure).

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie... hilarious imitation. The moonwalk??!! Classic comedy!

Keri Hilson tore the stage up, kilt/murdered/slaughtered it! Ms. Keri Baby! She did that 4real! Great choreography, no lip synching and an amazing/creative tribute to Mike in the midst. Best performance of the night in my opinion...

Tyrese. Trey Songz. Johnny Gill. The new school O'Jays... HOT (Johnny Gill not so much, but Trey and Tyrese?? Mmm mmm good! Eddie Levert was on something, cursing on live television? Did he forget that quick? The O'Jays can still move though.

Jamie Foxx blamed it on the alcohol for real. Wild performance! Snoop's purpose? Idk but the energy was definitely high. T-Pain and that "Big Ass Chain" No words. Travis Barker is alive and kickin. Yay!

Ne-Yo copied Alicia Keys' idea from last year but I'll give him a pass because it wasn't half bad. Keith Sweat! Welcome to the Sweat Hotel (deep voice). Lol. Guy! Aaron Hall was out of breath but he was gettin down. BBD... Poiisssonn!

Soulja Boy hopped up out the bed on live television and didn't brush his teeth! Lol. But he didn't have an entourage on stage with him. Way to work the stage alone!

On the other hand, Young Money/Cash Money brought out the whole cast. Drake sat on a stool the whole time and performed probably the hottest song out right now. Apparently he broke his knee but you still could have been a little more creative than that sir. The other no-name fellas hopped around on stage and had every other word bleeped out. Lil Wayne and Baby how could you allow your daughters to dance around on stage to those lyrics?? Shame, shame.

Beyonce is my girl and all but uh... what was she wearing (both on stage and off)? Was she an angel or a bride? Diva would have been a much better song choice. Ave Maria is a nice ballad but not fitting for the evening, unless that was her tribute to Michael... still clueless on that one.

Keyshia Cole and Monica tore it down with their vocals. Don't completely agree with their outfit choices. They could have tried to match. And those stairs were deadly, glad neither one of them reenacted "Scarlett takes a tumble."

Queen Latifah's verse on Mary Mary's "God in Me" was fiyah! Not so holy, but they still praised the Lord.

Auto-tune is officially dead thanks to Jay-Z. "Ye told me to kill yall and keep it 100"... um, didn't Kanye do his whole album in auto-tune. Just sayin. Still a lyrical adventure though. "Get back to rap, you T-painin too much"... 4 sho! And he finally cut off that kush bush! Bout time.

Maxwell!!! Ahhh!! Pretty Wings is my jam! But Jamie's comment while introducing him was unnecessary and not worth repeating. Should have said "no homo" after that my brotha, now you got me wondering about your "heterosexuality."

Other highlights:

Didn't know KeKe Palmer had pipes like that. Go Girl!

Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese's Baby Boy skit was a nice trip down memory lane until Ving Rhames came out with that empty kool-aid jug and funked it up. Guns and butter??! Lmto! Scary moment.

Lebron got booed... awwww :(

Wtf was up with Tyra's hair?

Tevin Campbell? Where in the h-e-double hockey sticks has he been? Pleasant surprise.

Big ups to my girl Alicia Keys and Wyclef for using their celeb power to heal the world.

Maybe if Don Cornelius had lifted his glasses up off of his nose the teleprompter would have been much easier to read. He could have just been a little slow... or fossil old. Who knows? Funny how the O'Jays had to stand up for him to shut up.

Ciara should have danced, still a little vocally challenged but she gets an E for effort (not excellent).

Where was Chris Brown, Usher and Omarion? Now, THAT would have been the ultimate MJ tribute. Michael Jackson's influence is evident in all three of them. Rumor is Jay-Z blackmailed BET into taking Chris off the roster. Very unfortunate, if true.

I knew Janet would show up, had a feeling... and that took lots of courage. Joe Jackson was just chillin in the audience next to Al Sharpton the whole time. At first it was a bit sketchy but I give him props for keeping it together too.

Ne-yo singing "Lady in my Life" was smooth. He performed like 3 times. Should have kept that hat glued to his head though, even though he was being respectful.

Jamie and Ne-Yo singing "I'll be there". Classic! The tears were rolling.

Final grade: B-

Still don't think BET will ever top when Will and Jada hosted in 2005.

Black Power! Peace.
*Music is Life... Poetry is Love*

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ode to MJ

So news has spread all over the world by now that we have lost the King of Pop. Sad... so sad... very sad... like devastating... seriously. It's crazy how we kind of idolize celebrities and think they have these unbelievable super powers, like they're inhuman. But we forget that they are just like us, normal people who just so happen to be known by everyone. We depend on celebrities to make our world a few shades lighter by simply entertaining and we sometimes take that for granted. We don't consider the stress or extra effort most artists endure just to please us, their audience. Despite how weird some of us think he may have been at times, we still have to respect his legacy. Michael Jackson is one of not many entertainers who will for sure stand the test of time and live on forever through his music.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

King of Pop...
King of Music...
King of Entertaining.

True Icon and Pioneer.

P.S. Favorite MJ songs: "You are not Alone" & "Man in the Mirror"
*Music is Life... Poetry is Love*