Monday, March 15, 2010

American Idol

American Idol Season 9 got off to a rocky start, and a meager top 12 has been chosen. This season has introduced many changes... and early surprises. Paula Abdul decided not to return and Ellen DeGeneres was named as her replacement. Simon Cowell proclaimed that this will indeed be his last season and once again viewers have witnessed the foolery of a secret, organic society that obviously values looks and personality over talent.

I've been a fan of American Idol since season 1 and in my opinion, this is the worst season of contestants... EVER! The first time in AI history that so-called singers (who lack personality) have struggled to find their niche... choosing irrelevant songs, missing key notes and having no sense of style whatsoever (only a couple contestants are excluded from said observations). Keep in mind that I'm speaking on the selection of contestants as a whole and I have reason to believe that the judges are sipping something other than coke from their frequently advertised Coca-Cola cups. Although I am highly disappointed with the way this season is progressing so far, I will still be watching. Not voting. Just watching... and critiquing.

Fun Fact: I tried out for American Idol last year. Shocker.

Examine the contestants briefly below:

Aaron Kelly--Age: 16, From: FL
Andrew Garcia--Age: 24, From: CA
Casey James--Age: 27, From: TX
Crystal Bowersox--Age: 24, From: OH
Didi Benami--Age: 23, From: TN
Katie Stevens--Age: 17, From: CT
Lacey Brown--Age: 24, From: TX
Lee Dewyze--Age: 23, From: IL
Michael Lynche--Age: 26, From: FL
Paige Miles--Age: 24, From: FL
Siobhan Magnus--Age: 19, From: MA
Tim Urban--Age: 20, From: TX

Favorite Girl--Crystal Bowersox
Favorite Guy--Lee Dewyze

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