Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just Say No!

Facebook is my addiction. I overdose daily. "They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no."

It's funny how such a minuscule conception has grown to become an unbelievably extensive success. Flashback to 2005 when I first joined. I was a freshman at FSU and knew nothing about social networking. My roommate introduced me to what has now become my deadliest sin. Back then, a college email address was required for new users. Fast forward to today. Say hello to underage impostors and nosy family members. Facebook is now Myspace... wearing a cute disguise, covering up the remnants of a copycat scheme. I miss the old days. When it was actually used for networking instead of stalking (Guilty. Blame the news feed). Unfortunately, we have all been psychologically duped. Forcing ourselves to believe that we are using Facebook for its intended purpose, when we have fallen into the traps of a premeditated plan. I like to call it Hallelujah Hypnosis. A secular habit that we praise unknowingly. FML (Forgive Me Lord).

Facebook has ruined many relationships (both romantic and platonic) in the midst of its evolution stages. Poking is supposed to be a playful vice meant to evoke conversation. The status update is supposed to be used as an expressive outlet for one's own personal feelings. But those two features are the prominent sources of many broken hearts and hurt feelings. I've heard numerous stories and witnessed firsthand just how harmful Facebook can be. Who knew networking could be so fatal?

Ponder on the questions below and decide if you need to go to rehab. I'm still Amy Winehousing it...

What can someone's profile picture disclose about them?
When you poke someone, what are your real intentions?
Are your status updates too personal?
Is it safe to reveal who you're in a relationship with... where you work... where you're from... what school you attend?


You be the judge.