Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bittersweet Indeed

Fantasia reigns as the most successful urban American Idol winner. Since taking the crown back in 2004, her life has been anything but "idolistic". After revealing details of her life before idol, many thought the famed television show would be her ultimate saving grace. She endured rape, teenage motherhood, illiteracy and poverty. But, despite those road blocks, she still rose to stardom. Her first album "Free Yourself" reached platinum status and her second album "Fantasia" fell just short at gold. She was nominated for four Grammys, starred in a lifetime movie based on her life and even gained Oprah's backing when she was asked to play Celie in the Broadway production of The Color Purple. Life couldn't get any better for Fanny...

That's what one could assume while on the outside looking in. Apparently, Fantasia wasn't completely prepared for the type of success she garnered. In an industry full of greed and selfishness, the bottom line is strictly business. Fantasia was dropped by her management company, sued by her father and faced foreclosure on her home. Yet, she still carried on. Footage from her VH1 reality show allowed fans to see the real Tasia... and also how her family took advantage of her fame. It became obvious that Fantasia was taking on more than she could handle. However, she portrayed herself as a fighter, someone who would never give up... no matter how hard things got.

When news outlets received word that she was dating a married man, Fantasia did what every celebrity is trained to do: deny. She deliberately lied even after proof was provided. Intimate photos of her and the "allegedly" married man together and a tattoo of his name on her shoulder. Busted. Fantasia refused to answer any questions pertaining to her love life shortly thereafter. But, when the wife of the "allegedly" married man threatened to sue Fantasia (a legal gesture in Fantasia's home state of North Carolina), she knew that she could no longer lie.

She was at a standstill.

Hurt. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Lost. Tired.

So she "allegedly" attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on aspirin and sleep medication. After being released from the hospital she didn't go into hiding and hope for the whole ordeal to blow over like most doctors would advise in her condition. Why? Because she ironically had an album to promote a week later.

Coincidence or Publicity stunt? Hmmm...

Whatever the case may be, I've always been an avid supporter of Fantasia. I voted for her on American Idol and bought her first two albums.

An artist's personal life and the music they produce are two separate entities that subliminally affect each other. It is extremely unfortunate when negative outbreaks overshadow the time, effort and passion involved in creating a timeless album for fans to enjoy.

Fantasia's third album "Back to Me" is in stores now.

*Music is Life... Poetry is Love*