Thursday, December 20, 2012

Order in the Court

Now that my #WriterGrind has slowed down, I can finally add love in the mix. I want it all. Not the money, cars, and clothes, but love and happiness with a decent beau, and he says we're "courting" so...

What does THAT mean???

What's the difference between "dating" and "courting"? Does courting mean you're in a relationship? What about the commitment aspect? Does a title really matter when you're "courting" with someone? Could it mean that you may actually end up face to face as courte and courtee at a court house someday? Or in the middle of a romantic setting on the beach exchanging vows and nonstop smiles? I mean really. I've never actually dated with the possibility of marriage being a final option from the beginning (definition of courting). I'm 26 and I've been in two long-term relationships. I was young. Not yet established, and just eager to be loved. After having your heart broken a couple times, the definition of love becomes a bit skewed, especially when it's shackled by rules, such as these:

Rule #1 No Kids
Rule #2 Light Skinned Guys Only
Rule #3 Legal Hustle = Own Place and Car (in his name)
Rule #4 Close to Family

So, what happens when you meet someone who has all the qualities you're looking for, and he wants you to break all the rules? I like rules. I've always abided by them. That's what good girls do right? I guess I'm tired of being a good girl then. Tired of always doing what's right. Can I live? If I have your permission, then thank you, because one of my goals for next year is to learn how to be more spontaneous. I want to wake up and do unexpected things... On the edge. Fun! That's what it's called. Why so serious? Not anymore. I want to fall in love with my perfect man in writerland... Even if he's not so perfect, and wants me to "court" with him. Basketball has always been my favorite sport, but I know absolutely nothing about tennis. I just hope we're playing the same game on the same court... on the same team... and I end up #winning when my time runs out.

I just don't like "dating". It's too informal. Too casual. Too I-dont-feel-like-committing-so-I-will-just-waste-time-with-someone-special-enough-to-possibly-screw. Why waste time dating to suffice for loneliness? Getting to know someone takes time. Everyone isn't worthy of your time. If you disagree, then I guess I'm speaking for myself. Everyone isn't worthy of MY time, but he definitely is. So, we're courting, and I guess I like it that way.... I think I'm about to score a slam dunk!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Whenever, Wherever, Whatever

I'm Yours, Sir... Even after the court has adjourned.

*Music is Life... Poetry is Love*