Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's the BIG Scandal?

Hey Shonda... You got me! I tried so hard to ignore all the hoopla about your new show. Grey's Anatomy was always enough. But noooo... you just HAD to let your creative writing mind set sail and create a new visual addiction. How scandalous of you!

I watched my first full episode of Scandal last week. The return episode. Only because everyone was wondering if the President was still alive, and I really did think they were talking about President Obama... because of the tax increase. No? Oh. Well.

Anyway, so I watched the return episode of Scandal on Thursday and then my besties and I got together on Saturday to play catch up. I was obviously missing out on something deep, and I wanted to dive in. We started watching season one and I was immediately confused. After watching the return episode, I picked the plot apart right way. I even participated in the #FreeHuck trend. I didn't know who Huck was, but Huck was freed and all was well apparently.

I avoided the Scandal on purpose because I'm trying not to watch so much TV. I got too much writing to do and "ain't nobody got time for that", but my besties coerced me. Peer pressure like a mug. I'll actually be watching tonight with my boy bestie, Twonny.

"Rule #1: No talking during Scandal," he told me.

He's controlling, but I'm a boss chick like Olivia Pope.

Furthermore, I don't know what all the controversy about her having an affair with the President is about. Yes, he's white. Yes, he's married. However, I thought people would be even more upset with Shonda for electing Fitz as President when our real President is Black. IJS.

People just love creating an unnecessary Scandal I guess. Shonda is definitely on her #WriterGrind and I ain't no hater.

I still have a few episodes to watch before I really know what I've been missing, but I'll enjoy tonight's episode I'm sure... and I'll ask lots of questions (during the commercial breaks of course).

*Music is Life... Poetry is Love*

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Best Funeral Ever

I don't wanna die. Not if I'm competing with someone else to win a prize for having the "Best Funeral Ever"... Actually, when I die, bury me inside the jewelry store with "2 Chainz", because I obviously had no chance at a bright "Future". Are you scared of lions "Tygas" and bears? What if I "TIP" toe around my casket like a ghost and scream "Look at me now!" or "Busta" move in heaven while my mama is crying and my cousins are playing with my urn, careful not to "drop it like it's hot". It's all "Gucci Mane"... Cuz when the "Tha Block Is Hot" and it's "500 Degreez" it's "Lights Out". 5 "Carters" make a dollar and I hope my parents have enough "Young Money" for my "Rebirth" because as of today, "I Am Not A Human Being"... Ya feel me?

I am embarrassed. Black is no longer invisible. What's done in the dark always comes to the light, and now we can all see it. Black is supposed to be beautiful, but it has instead become an ugly mockery for "reality". Reality TV is not allowing us to keep it real, like we all claim to do when attempting to speak the truth. The truth is we are doomed if we don't stop the foolishness NOW. I was minding my own business (and everybody else's) while scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, as I normally do before transitioning into writer mode. Almost every status was about this show. I hardly ever watch TLC because I thought it was an educational network. Guess not. Because the only thing this show taught me was that urns are allowed on rides at the fair, even though they don't meet the size requirement.

O_o... ???

I don't want to be Black anymore. I'd like to be red, because red is the color for warnings. I am warning you all to find better shows to watch, because the more we tune in, the higher the ratings will be and I'll have more blogs to write about this crap... but I'm dying soon, remember? Off to Trinidad James... with gold all in my chain, gold all in my ring, gold all in my watch... N***a, N***a, N***a! 

"I'm so hood"... kill me now. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. 

*Music is Life... Poetry is Love*

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Closer To MY Dream...

A lot happened in 2012. I had my heart broken... again, shortly after Valentine's Day, and Whitney Houston died before telling me where they go. I moved out on my own despite my parents offering me a room with no termination date. I flew for the first and second time, on two different types of planes. Celebrated one year as a member of the best church in Jacksonville, FL, strengthened my relationship with God and fell deeper in love with Him. I was introduced to a long-term iWrite4orU client who opened up my eyes to a hidden form of suffering and bondage in Florida's judicial system, and presented with a full-time, salary writing position. I almost had to part ways with my first vehicle after my transmission and engine failed on me. The repairs totaled $3000, and my engine was only partially fixed. Still, I was able to add more articles to my freelance portfolio, published my collection of poetry on 12-12-12, and spoke about my #WriterGrind on the radio. I also overcame my fear of stage fright and stepped up to the mic to recite my poetry 4 times, after meeting a special someone who is constantly teaching me how to be free. I was Living MY Dream and the good outweighed the bad. I spent the last 3 days of the year at a secret location relaxing and reflecting on every good thing that happened to me, while attempting to finalize my first novel Dearly Beloved S.I.S.T.A.S...

I was busy, happy, and summing up the best year of my life. However, I got off track with my 1 page a day goal. I figured I wouldn't have any problems catching up at the end, because I work well under pressure. I thought my moments of writer's block were preparing me for an overflow of details and creative ideas, because that's what usually happens when I am inspired to write poetry. For about 3 straight months, I was trying to control the story and had trouble developing the plot, until I forced myself out of solitary confinement and started living, like everyone kept telling me to do. I met new people, tried new things, and then the scenes came out of nowhere. Every scene that I had written before was no longer relevant. I had a whole new plot, but the characters never changed. "A good story is always character driven, and when you try to control your characters, the plot changes." Bestselling Romance Author Brenda Jackson told me that, but I didn't listen. 

As a first-time Author, I did not understand what she meant, until I was sitting at the desk at my secret location, trying hard to organize my scenes. I was stumped. I had 3 days to complete the task and I failed. I was disappointed, but quickly reassured as I was heading to church for our New Year's Eve service. My Bishop preached about 2013 being the year of promise, no matter how unlucky the number 13 may seem. "God's Got This," he said. He had been telling me that all year, but I have control issues. God knows it, and now I know it. I am a perfectionist, and I have been in denial for way too long. I want everything my way, all the time. I am selfish as well, I suppose

Lesson learned...

I learned that no matter how often you follow the rules, you can still find yourself in trouble. I learned that I am not a good listener. I learned that I don't speak as well as I write. I learned that I am not perfect, no matter how hard I try to be. I learned that living is a privilege and although I am freely Living MY Dream and sharing my gift, it is not always about me. I learned that I am truly blessed, even when I fall short of my personal goals. I can honestly say that the past 366 days of my #WriterGrind were nothing less than spectacular. I have a few thousand more words left to add to my story, but I will no longer rush the process. The sooner I let go and "live a little", the sooner it will be completed.

What happens when you Live YOUR Dream? When time runs out, you will have no choice but to wake up, and I am humbly prepared to answer my wake-up call...

Happy New Year! Cheers to becoming a Bestselling Author with the project that I still plan to release this Summer… That’s all I’ll ever be striving to achieve. Although I am no longer searching for something that starts with an S, one separate resolution is necessary... I will definitely learn how to be more spontaneous... because satisfaction is always guaranteed.

What did YOU learn in 2012?

It's so hard to say goodbye to my S.I.S.T.A.S... so I didn't... and I won't until they finally shut up.


 *Music is Life... Poetry is Love*