Thursday, August 4, 2016

5 Years of Service: iWrite4orU

Success comes to those who work for it... Five years later, my work is still actively paying off. On this #ThankfulThursday, I am especially grateful for the opportunity to claim success. My accomplishments are not measured by a certain amount of money or level of fame. I celebrate minor milestones as if they are just as important and worthy of acknowledgment.


When I established my company, iWrite4orU, I had a small vision. I simply wanted to write, whether completing freelance assignments for publications or projects for individuals who did not possess the ability to formulate words into grammatically-correct sentences. That small vision surpassed my expectations and each year I became more driven, more motivated. I wanted to outdo myself; to test my talent(s). As a Poet, I've performed in the Middle East, where government ambassadors are not openly fond of creative expression. As an Author, I'm getting ready to release my fifth book. As an Editor, I've graduated from reviewing short documents to editing 300-page manuscripts. As a Publisher, I'll  soon have eight fiction and non-fiction Authors on my roster. My fees increased to accommodate the magnitude of each request, which has provided some financial stability: a cushion to invest in future goals. Just two months away from obtaining a Master of Fine Arts degree in Entertainment Writing, my desire to write for television is burning fiercely. In order to be fulfilled, I must constantly elevate. I will forever be a student of the craft.


At the official end of my start-up stage, I've learned that managing a business begins with passion, but is sustained by faith. I never asked God to make me rich; I asked Him to make me useful. Competition is at an all-time high in the literary industry, and no matter how much I strategize, someone out there has better ideas and something more appealing to offer. I try my best to focus on inspiring rather than constantly asking for things. Now, instead of promoting, I just reveal the latest news associated with my brand. There was a period when I would flood timelines, practically every hour, with all-about-me updates. However, as soon as I realized that my purpose is to serve and not to sell, I made the proper adjustments.  


So many good things have happened to me as a result of being obedient to my calling, but the bad things are great learning experiences, too. I am at a point in life where I no longer have to choose my career over love. Recently engaged, both are finally cooperating hand-in-hand. See what I did there?

I assume that my growth is apparent, but if it isn't, my hope is that I can continue to be an example of how prayer and perseverance collectively contribute to one's happiness. In conclusion, thank you. Yes, YOU. For your encouragement, for your support, for caring about what I have to say, for reading my words, for believing that a once-shy girl from Jacksonville, FL could become confident enough to make her mark on the world. 

"If you're living without giving, your talents are null and void." -LRW

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